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Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open

~ B.K.S. Iyengar ~

About Awakened Self-Healing

Awakened Self-Healing is to recognize that disease or illness is a Divine tap on your shoulder, a cry for your attention, your Awareness.  It calls forth the unrelenting desire to heal, learn and grow through holistic self-care/self-love practices with the goal of attaining the highest expression of yourself.

To awaken to this realization is to take the first step in aligning with your Highest Purpose.

To consciously choose to be deliberate and intentional in your healing and growth with the goal of attaining your Highest Purpose, is to awaken to Divinity. The energy and emotion tied to that intention powerfully fuels the journey.

On some level, self-healing is already occurring in us on a daily basis. The mind-body organism, with its infinite intelligence, always moves towards balance whether or not we are conscious of it. In scientific circles, this is called homeostasis.

When we mindfully work towards removing the obstacles in the mind, body and spirit, we move further along in our path, eventually unleashing a lightness of being that allows energy to flow freely. The mind-body organism’s innate wisdom takes over and healing occurs automatically.

Sometimes, underlying causes of imbalance or disease states can be purely physical, i.e. deficiencies, or sometimes, it can be caused my mental or emotional upheavals, or a combination thereof. Such awareness paves the way to a greater understanding of the self.

Just as every individual is unique, so too is our healing experience. It is a very personal journey. Everyone heals at a different rate and everyone reacts differently to each therapy. An herbal supplement effective for one may not be effective for another. Introspect and listen to your body. Acknowledge that you are the director of your own healing and evolutionary growth.

As you may have surmised, the process of Awakened Self-Healing entails inspired effort and unyielding determination. Although the process includes many practical externally-oriented practices, Awakened Self-Healing is primarily internally focused as you integrate all facets of yourself and become more and more aware of your emotions, drives, desires, thoughts and feelings – all the mindstuff! The onus is on you to channel the contents of the mind for the betterment of your mind-body organism.

To heal, to overcome obstacles, to attain the highest expression of your being can be a daunting mission. As author/speaker Robin Sharma states,

Self-mastery and the consistent care of one’s mind, body and soul are essential to finding one’s highest self and living the life of one’s dreams.

How do we get there? It takes unwavering courage, one-pointed focus and holding forth such attributes:

Motivation is the key

How motivated are you to heal and overcome life’s challenges and obstacles? Sometimes, the simplest of things make life worth living – relishing the beauty of nature, the enjoyment of a delicious meal, having fun with friends and family, being physically active and engaged, learning new things, meeting new people.

Perhaps, intuitively, you know that you have more “missions” to accomplish in life. To witness your children and grandchildren flourish, to use your unique gifts and talents to help and support others, to authentically live your Life Purpose, all make life sweet and fulfilling.

Focus on the positive

Center your attention on what you can do to heal, grow and expand. Don’t allow your illness to define you as you are much more than that. Don’t believe in any negative thoughts or emotions that may arise. Be grateful for this opportunity to heal and grow.


Healing takes time, effort and energy. How strongly you feel about healing creates your unwavering determination to incorporate practices and protocols in your routine. Instead of looking at it as a chore, appreciate the learning and expansion as a blessing.

Take stock

Reflect on the major events in your life, good and bad. Are there things you wish you did differently? Do the things that made you happy before still make you happy now? How would you handle problematic situations now compared to before? Recognize that placing too much importance on things that are not, is counterproductive and creates emotional turmoil. Let the small things slide.

Be open

Healing holistically means you are able to view concepts outside the box and not be attached to conventional models of healing. You can certainly incorporate both models into your healing practices. Why not explore and prioritize holistic means that do not have negative side effects? Choose ones that resonate with you regardless of modality.

Own it

Take ownership of your healing journey and enjoy each step of the way. Rejoice and celebrate your ability to take charge. Take pride in yourself!


Know that this challenge came to you for a purpose. Trust that this period of growth and learning is in alignment with your Divine nature.

Practice gratitude

Find nuggets of gold in every situation including your illness or imbalance. Don’t take anything for granted. There is so much to be grateful for…everyday!

About Leni



Greetings! My name is Leni Pratte, Cancer Coach and Holistic Wellness and Detoxification Practitioner – on a mission!  My passion is to ignite and inspire others to heal, get rid of issues and attain high-level wellness through holistic practices and lifestyle. I believe that my mission to guide and assist others in their healing journey is a big part of my Life Purpose.


I came to the Holistic Healing field through not-so-pleasant circumstances. In January of 2007, I was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer. The very next day, I signed up for yoga class and started a raw food vegan diet – and this was the beginning of my healing adventure!

With two young kids, a devoted husband and a thriving business, my motivation to heal was so strong and unrelenting. It gave me enough energy and determination to learn, study, implement and experience various holistic healing modalities.

Prior to 2007, I worked in product and software development for many years and pretty much lived a “normal,” mainstream life with a very stressful job, a standard American diet (SAD,) strained adrenals and digestive troubles. It had to take a diagnosis of breast cancer to wake me up out of that situation and take heed.

I learned everything I could in the Holistic Healing field, from books, audios, health web sites, courses, certifications, trying various therapies along the way. In many ways, my own journey and experiences in self-healing and self-care and self-love are more meaningful than any certification I will ever have.

In 2014, I obtained my certification as a Holistic Health Coach under Dr. Joshua Axe’s Institute of Nutritional Leadership program. I also certified as a Practitioner of the Hormone Cure under Dr. Sara Gottfried’s program. In 2015, I studied Aromatherapy under David Crowe and Jade Shutes and in 2016, I completed my certification as an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist under Dr. Marc Halpern.  Recently, I completed my certification on Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality from Brain Optimization Holistic Institute (BOHI)under Gian Girardi.

I continue to study and follow teachings of amazing holistic wellness practitioners including Andreas Moritz, Ray Peat, Atom Bergstrom, Mark Sircus, Daniel Pompa, Anthony William, Gian Girardi, Neal Barnard. I consider myself a life-long learner, researcher, seeker, yogin, lover of Nature, and I’m always excited to learn new ways to attain wellness and balance.

During the initial stages of my journey, I experienced shock, confusion, despair, fear which slowly evolved to acceptance, self-love and compassion. I see all this now as a blessing in disguise as it opened up new avenues of learning and growing in ways I can never imagine.

I am humbled to be part of the holistic wellness revolution fueled by the planet’s burgeoning collective consciousness. I am grateful for this healing journey and the growth I’ve experienced. Now it’s time to pay it forward!

To share my knowledge, my experiences, my skills in order to help others in their healing journey is not just an honor and a privilege; it is crucial to my own healing, because ultimately, your healing is my healing.


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