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Amrit Face Magick 1/2 Ounce

Amrit Face Magick 1 Ounce

Amrit Face Magick is a youthening product – a concentrated liquid pine resin that has been nothing less than phenomenal as it works to smoothen wrinkles, combat sagging while restoring moisture to the skin, eliminating the look of dryness.

What is Amrit Face Magick made of?

Amrit Face Magick is 100% derived from the resin of pine trees. It is not cold nor hot-processed; it is straight pine resin – a liquid version of the pine resin which is just the perfect substance to restore youth to your face and neck in four to twelve weeks.

While many wrinkle products contain less than 3% of pine resin and significant amounts of synthetic ingredients, Amrit Face Magick contains only 100% undiluted, concentrated, unprocessed liquid pine resin for maximum skin repair and healing.

What’s so special about Amrit Face Magick?

Derived from a specific variety of pine trees, Amrit Face Magick has the ability to smoothen wrinkles, combat sagging, restore moisture and eliminate the look of dryness. Most importantly, Amrit Face Magick increases skin thickness of the skin especially around eyes and rest of face and neck – with regular undiluted use (full power.) Pine trees and its components have been used for millenia for treating a whole range of skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis and other dry, itchy, flaky or inflamed skin conditions, acne, pot holes to an extent, as well as snake and spider bites (still go see a doctor though!)

According to this study, pine resin is “a complex mixture of resin acids (e.g., abietic, neoabietic, dehydroabietic, pimaric, isopimaric, levopimaric, sandrakopimaric, and palustric acids) and lignans (e.g., pino-, larici-, matairesinol, and p-hydroxycinnamic acid) having substantial antimicrobial, wound-healing, and skin regeneration enhancing properties.” This article provides a glimpse of how pine is used medicinally.

It’s amazing to see that pine trees and all of its components – pine needles, inner bark, pine sap, pine pollen, pine boughs, pine nuts, pinewood, pine cones – have a wide variety of uses, from medicinal to incendiary, to adhesive and edible purposes.  This article goes in-depth on the uses of pine resin specifically, while this article highlights facts on the various pine products.

In this study, topical pine tar, shown to be antipruritic, anti‐inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal, is “thought to exert its effect by reducing DNA synthesis and mitotic activity, which promotes a return to normal keratinisation.” This study further describes the history of pine tar’s use as a skin healing substance, wood preservative, food flavoring, in veterinary medicine and as an ingredient in lotions, oil, soaps, deodorants, shampoos, toothpowder and disinfectants.

Where is the pine resin in Amrit Face Magick harvested?

While there are over 3000 types of pine trees worldwide, the resin from Amrit Face Magick is derived from only two of them! The pine trees which Amrit Face Magick is derived from is from the Rocky Mountains.

How do I integrate the use of Amrit Face Magick into my skin regimen?

Apply Amrit Face Magick in the morning before putting make-up. It’s best to wait for skin to fully absorb it, about 30 minutes or more. If no time, you may simply apply a very thin layer of Amrit Face Magick with a drop of olive oil.

A thicker application of Amrit Face Magick is more appropriate at night or when there are no social engagements to attend to.


1. We recommend that you transfer Amrit Face Magick divided equally into 2 cosmetic jars like these.

2. Label them “Thick” and “Thin”. Using a dropper, place organic olive oil into the Thin version to a consistency to your liking.

3.  Do the same for the Thick version but with less olive oil.

3. Use the Thin version for day and Thick version for night or whenever you have no social engagements.

4. After about two months of “training” your skin to absorb Thin and Thick versions of Amrit Face Magick, you may now use full strength version with no olive oil dilution. In this case, you may use a 3rd jar and label it “Concentrate.”


As both jars get exposed to air and the mixture thickens, you may need to place a drop or two of olive oil.

While a thinner version is okay to apply around the eye area, it can sting. If that happens, apply olive oil to dilute and lessen the sting.

With the thicker and concentrated versions, avoid applying close to eyes, especially area near eyelashes as it can glue the lashes and make them susceptible to being pulled off.

When you wake up in the morning, you can use a cotton ball with some olive oil and some water to help dilute any hardened resin on your face.

Do not use undiluted application on eyelids.

How soon can I see results?

In about one to three months of use. The factors that contribute to its effectiveness are:
1. Frequency of application
2. Thickness of application
3. Your nutrition
After two months of using it diluted (training the skin to absorb it), you can start applying Amrit Face Magick undiluted in the worst areas, while using drops of olive oil to adjust thickness and stickiness. This will produce immediate results and will smoothen wrinkles rather quickly.

Thick and concentrated applications of Amrit Face Magick are appropriate around the eyes, since the thickness on the skin around the eyeball becomes thinner as we get older. Amrit Face Magick can help regrow and thicken skin.

However, please note to avoid putting Thick and Concentrate versions of Amrit Face Magick on eyelids and areas near eyelashes.

Does Amrit Face Magick shrink pores?

Along with a clean predominantly plant-based whole food nutrition, Amrit Face Magick can help shrink pores but will not eliminate them.

Interestingly,  missing skin on face or body that just occurred can be helped immensely. Put Amrit Face Magick on the skin immediately to help regrow skin tissues. In this case, “sealing” Amrit Face Magick into the skin so no oxygen can get to it, is ideal. This can be done by applying cotton pad on the area, sealing it with a surgical tape, after applying Amrit Face Magick.

It is also known to alleviate rattle snake bites and burns (but only after burns cool down in 2 to 3 days). In such cases, seeing a doctor is still advisable.

How else is Amrit Face Magick used?

Amrit Face Magick can be used for skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis and other dry, itchy, flaky or inflamed skin conditions, acne, pot holes to an extent, as well as burns, snake and spider bites. Seeing a doctor is still advisable.

Amrit Face Magick can also be used after shaving, resulting in a soft, gloriously silky skin. If you practice abhyanga or self-massage, Amrit Face Magick can be added to body oils to smoothen and rejuvenate skin all over the body.

Does Amrit Face Magick sting the eyes?

Yes, it can sting the eyes mildly but it will not harm the eyes. Avoid applying close to eyes. If you are experiencing stinging, apply a drop of olive oil around the eye area to lessen the stinging.

Why is Amrit Face Magick in plastic bottles?

For practical purposes, we use BPA-free plastic bottles. Amrit Face Magick thickens and hardens the more you open it and expose it to air.

At first it pours like oil but thickens over time as it gets exposed to air. Thus, Amrit Face Magick must be used after opening in about 4 months or so for the one-ounce size, and 6-8 weeks for the ½ ounce size. After that, the only way to get it out is to “digest it” with olive oil or so and it will once again pour out easily.

Ideally, its best to follow our Recommended Protocol above.  We always try to use the whole thing, the entire one ounce in the first 60 days to 120 days.

Why is the ½ ounce black bottle not squeezable and does not come with a cone top?

The smaller bottle is ideally used up in 6-8 weeks and will be easily pourable without worries always. Cone tops are only made for certain size lids. We include the cone top with the one-ounce size squeezable bottle as a courtesy.

If you find using the plastic bottle cumbersome, you may pour the entire bottle into a glass jar. Exposure to air will thicken the product but you may add a few drops of olive oil to slightly dilute to your liking.

What is the difference between pine resin, pine tar, pine sap and pine pitch?

Sap is the watery substance that comes out of the tree at the cut site. According to this article, “This is basically the tree bleeding, when the sap that comes from the ‘wound’ hardens into the sticky resin, that is in essence ‘scabbing’ of the wound.”

Resin is the liquid which is stored in the outer cells of trees. When a tree is injured, resin will ooze out and clog the wound – just like our blood clots to heal a wound. When you collect hardened pine sap, you are actually collecting resin.

Pine tar is made by heating pine wood at really high temperatures without letting it catch fire. Moisture (water) and tar will drip out of the pine wood as it is heated, leaving behind charcoal. It is collected (usually through a strainer at the bottom). Tar is basically liquid smoke from the pine wood. Pine tar can be used as a sealant, for medicine, and for making soap.

The terms pine pitch and pine tar are often used interchangeably. However, as TC Permaculture explains here, pine pitch is actually pine tar which has had the moisturetaken out of it. Thus, pine tar will be more liquid and pine pitch is harder.

Can you deliver to countries outside of US and Canada?

We deliver within the US and Canada. For international customers, please use this link to purchase Amrit Face Magick.

Why are there no Returns or Refunds for Amrit Face Magick?

We do not accept Returns or Refunds for Amrit Face Magick as per company policy. We provide all the information on how to use this product so please review the FAQs prior to ordering.

Usage Directions: Place a drop or two on your finger and spread all over face and neck. Amrit Face Magick is a very sticky liquid pine resin. Dilute with a drop or two of organic olive oil to make it less sticky. Use liberally when at home. Use whatever is left on your hands on your knees and elbows. For best results, apply 2-4 times a day. Phenomenal results can be achieved with multiple applications daily.

1) Wearing a hairband is suggested to keep hair from sticking to your face.
2) Have a bottle of olive oil on hand along with Amrit Face Magick. Use a drop or two of olive oil if you want a less sticky face.
3) Amrit Face Magick can make the face appear wet and shiny. Use more often and more liberally at home when you don’t have any social engagements.

Maria’s Testimonial:

Before I started on Amrit Face Magick, my skin was super dry (being in my 50’s – ouch!) and had wrinkles in my forehead and especially around the eyes (crows feet), and around the mouth (the jowl.) Today, after a year of using it, my skin has so much less wrinkles, so much more moisture and the look of dryness is gone! I certainly look younger and people are surprised when they find out my age! Thank you Amrit Face Magick for boosting my self-esteem!


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